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No one has to begg know." He smiled. Stee kissed him. After a few hours of making out and a bit of touching they walked out of beeg tubes the pub smiling. Martin locked the pub up and kissed Stee again. "See ya in the morning..." He looked beeg come around to make sure no one was there listening. "...Lu-vuuur." He said smiling. Martin blushed a bit and beeg.com kissed him godd night again. What they didn't notice was Phil was watching the whole thing, smiling devilishly. ----------------- EpisodeTwo ----------------- Martin walked out of his bedroom the next morning after a 20 minute "battle" with a raging erection remembering www beeg com what he and Stee had done the previous night. He remembered Stee's golden beeh locks. His anal beeg perfect tan/cocoa coloured skin tone. He smiled, walking into the kitchen. Pauline was sitting down crying. Mark, Lisa, and Louise where there as well. Lisa smiled devilishly. Mark looked beeg free at her and she frowned. Mark looked madly at his younger brother. "What the hell is it then?" He yelled. Phil walked in right after him smiling. "I was just telling everyone about You and Stee's little hump fest last night." He beeg hindi said laughing. Pauline sighed again. Martin rolled his eyes. "Oh shut beeg videos it Phil. So what. We didn't fuck or anything." He said laughing. "In fact, he kissed me you dick." He www.beeg said smiling again. Pauline looked up and rolled her eyes, crying more. He rolled his eyes at her. Mark slapped his shoulder. "So what, we kissed, it's not like that makes beeg beeg me queer." He said smiling again. "Well, maybe a little." He stood up again. "I got work, see you lot later." He said smiling as he exited the b eeg door. Stee was at the Queen Vic having his bagel and talking with Melanie. Martin walked in and blushed a www beeg com bit as he saw Stee. Stee smiled and nudged Melanie. Melanie giggled a bit and excused herself. Martin walked over and .beeg sat on Stee's lap, kissing him. Jim and Dot rolled their eyes. Barry laughed a b eeg bit. Peggy smiled at the new couple. Phil nudged beegcom her to shut her gob. Martin looked into Stee's eyes. "So, was that spontanious enough?" He asked. Stee nodded and walked Martin to his beegs job. Stee walked into Mel's place and heard talking. He walked to the kitchen door and stood there, evesdropping. "I just don't know what to beeg porn do with beeg teen him Belinda." Oh shit, she beeg/ was talking to his mother. He left right there. Stee walked beeg coom into the E 20 which was closed then. He walked down the stairs into the manager's office. He heard moaning. The door beeg-com was opened so Stee peaked in and saw Beppe masterbating on a beeg indian sofa to some ponogrophy. Stee beeg lesbian walked beeg-com in and smiled. "Got an extra hand beeg gesetz for me?" He asked smiling. After Martin got off of work he went straight to Melanie's home to see where Stee was. He knocked on the door. Melanie answered begg and smiled. "He's upstairs." She said before he asked anything. Martin walked into Stee's new bedroom. Which yesterday had postors up. But now was stripped bare. Stee walked out of his walk in closet, completely naked. Martin let his eyes wonder downwards to view Stee's cock. Melanie walked in unexpectedly. She saw Stee and put up her hand so not to see his naked body. She giggled a little bit. "Stee, the car will be here at noon tomorrow. I looked at him. "Car?" Martin asked. Melanie gave me a sad look, then looked angrily at Stee. "You didn't tell him Stee?" She asked. "I'm going with Mel." He simply said with no enthusiasm. Mel beeg milf threw a pair of rolled up socks at him. "Talk with him." She said walking out of the room. He smiled at Martin. "I decided to go with Melanie." He said again. "I'm already sick of Phil and Pauline. Oh," He said looking at Martin, "Sorry, no offense." He said. Martin laughed. Martin moved closer to him and kissed him. "Please stay with me Stee." Martin said. "I don't want to be the only gay pearson in Albert Square." He said softly. Almost like he was about to cry. Stee walked up to him, lifted his chin and smiled. "Ok, I'll beeg.com/ stay. But there are three gay people. There's me, you, and Beppe." He said smiling. Martin smiled and kissed him. He had himself a lover finally. beeq.com ------------------ EpisodeThree ------------------ Stee walked downstairs after Martin left. "Melnaie, we need to talk." He said looking in beeg movies beeg sex at Melanie. She was crying. "What beeg vids is it then?" He asked. She got an angry look on her face. beeg hairy "That bitch beeg poto Lisa!" She declared. Melanie and Lisa were best friends, so he was confused. "She told me that it Wasn't Steve beeg xnxx that shot Phil." Stee looked odly at her. "The day we got married, Phil got shot. I had thought your dad did it. Maybe if I knew this sooner he wouldn't have..." She started cying. Stee walked over and hugged her. "It's ok." Stee said kissing porno beeg her forehead. "No it's not. xxx beeg I went to tell Phil, and he knew. I can't believe Lisa, Mark, and Phil knew but didn't beeg porche tell me. Those bastards!" She declared. She stood over. Melanie walked over to the coat hanger, got her coat, free beeg and put it on. "I'll be back round 8 tonight. Pack your bags, we're leaving tonight... Stee walked to Pauline's house. He rang beeg xnxx the doorbell and Mark beeg.coom answered holding Louise. Mark looked angrily at Stee. "You screw my brother, turn him into a fag and you have the nerve to come to my mum's doorstep? Your a disgrace." He said. Stee rolled his eyes. He free beeg entered the house and went to Martin's room. He walked right in and saw Martin wa cleaning his room. "Martin, baby, I'm going with Mel." He said. Martin frowned. Tears started welling in his eyes. "Come with anal beeg me." Stee said smiling. A devilish smile came over Martin's face. He realized he had nothing to lose, but everything to gain. His family hated him, his friends turned their backs on him. But right in front of him was his lover who beeg poto loved him more than life its self. He nodded. "When?" He beeg hd asked. "We're beeg com. leaving round 8 pm tonight." Stee said. It was already 3 pm. "Right, come back round 7:30 tonight." He said, kissing Stee. Martin packed his bags then went downstairs. He saw his mother sitting at the kitchen table. beeg hairy "Mum." He said. She smiled at him. "We need to talk." She nodded. "What about beeg sexxx then?" She asked. "As you know, I love you and Mark, and Lisa, and Louise so much." He said. "But now I've found someone else to love and I beeg milf feel you're turning your back on beegxx me." He said. Pauline frowned. "Oh sweet heart, I love you. I don't care beegporn if your gay, straight, or if you like fruits or vegetables." Martin laughed. "You're my son." She continued. "And I love you." She said. "And Stee?" He asked. She smiled. "Well, if you love... him, then I guess i'll have to accept that. I almost lost Mark doing that, I will not lose my other son for the same reason." beeg mature She said smiling. Martin broke down. "I'm going to America." He said. Pauline gasped. "What?" She said. "With Melanie and Stee. I'll be back in no time. I promise." He said. Pauline started crying. She was losing her son. She hugged him. "You are coming home беег soon right?" She asked. "I'll be home for Thanksgiving." "But that's in NOVEMBER!" She screamed. "I'll stay a month." He said. She started crying. "When are you leaving?" She asked. "8 sex beeg tonight, but I've got to leave in a few minutes to say bye to everyone." Pauline cried even more. "But I'll come see you again tonight, I swear." He said. He kissed her cheak and went to pack his bags. Melanie walked up to Peggy. beegxxx "Peggy, I've something I need to tell you." She said. Lisa looked at her from behind the bar. She shook her head and mouthed 'no.' xxx beeg Peggy and Mel walked into www.beeg..com the back room. Mel and She were were gone for 5 minutes. Lisa, Mark, and Phil gathered round each other nervously. Peggy walked out. She raised a glass. "To Melanie, and her future son or daughter." She said drinking up. Melanie walked to Lisa. "I told her I was pregnant. I didn't tell har about Phil though. I wouldn't resort t your level." She said beeg xxx With that Melanie walked outside. Stee beeg ass walked to Beppe who was inside E 20. "Beppe." He said. Beppe smiled. "I'm leaving today." He said smiling. "Can I have a farewell blowjob then?" He asked. Beppe walked over to him and got on his knees. Martin finneshed talking with Jamie, Robbie, and begg he was preceding to talk with Sonia. "Look, if you do get Chloe back, beeg. com ring me and I'll send you some cash, ya know, like for financial purposes." He said. A few years back Martin had knocked Sonia up and got her pregnant. She gave the baby up for adoption, but was trying to get her back. Sonia smiled www.beeg.com and kissed him on his cheak. She beeg 4k nodded. Jamie walked in. "So, you lot gonna beeg miss me then?" He asked. Jamie smiled and beeg/ shook his head. "Na, you'll be better best forgotton." He said laughing. Martin got up. "You leaving so soon?" He asked. https //beeg.com "Ya, gotta go see Mum again, I promised her I would." "This ust be beeg com horrible on her." Sonia said. Martin nodded. "Ya, it is. beeg porno But I'm in love." He slapped his mouth. Jamie didn't know he and Stee were together. "You and Melanie?" He asked. Sonia xxxbeeg laughed. He had told her a few minutes ago about Stee and Him. He shook his head. Jamie got a confused look beeg. com beag.com on his face. He suddenly looked up. He smacked his hand over his mouth. "YOU AND STEE???" He asked loudly. "Shhhh, be quite." He said laughing. "I must be off." He said. He gave sonia a hug. He walked to beeg sex video Jamie Jamie beeg 18 was a bit uneasy around him. "Oh shut it and hug me bitch." He said. Jamie smiled. beeg.coom Martin grbbed Jamie's ass and he jumped back. He started laughing at the shocked Jamie. Jamie hugged www beeg him again. "Take care Mate." Jamie said. He started tearing up as did Martin. Martin nodded. "Right Mate." He said. Jamie and Martin embraced again, crying rather loudly. Sonia giggled. beeg. They were like brothers. Martin walked into Pauline's home for the last time. He beeg anal looked around and saw his Mum, Lisa, and Mark sitting in the milf beeg sitting room. Lisa was feeding Louise. Mark www.beeg.com stood up. "What do you thin your doing? Running off with a faggot to America?" He screamed. "Lower your voice Mark." Pauline said. "Well, I love him you bastard. And why don't you shut the beeg sexxx fuck up and worry about your own problems instead of mine." Martin said. "I've gotta go." He said as he heard the doorbell ring. He knew it was Stee. Lisa spoke up. "Wait, is Melanie still angry?" She asked. "After hearing you went pistol crazy on her dead huisband I'd think beeg mp4 so." He said. Lisa looked upset, almost taken to tears. Stee walked to Lisa. "Look, I'm sorry, tell her that." She said. Martin nodded. He hugged Lisa and kissed baby Louise. He walked to Mark and hugged him. "I love you Man." He said to Mark. Mark smiled. "Now you have fun." Mark said. Pauline looked up from her book. She motioned for Martin to come and give her a hug. She hugged him and wwwbeeg gave porno beeg him beeq.com a kiss. "I'm losing my son." free beeg She said hd beeg crying. "No your not." He said. "You'll be gaining a grand daughter." He said about Chloe. "When I come home I want to hold my daughter." He said smiling. Pauline smiled. "And you've just gained a duaghter." Stee said walking in. He pointed to www beeg Lisa. Lisa smiled. "Ya, you have me now as well." She said. Pauline looked at Stee. "And a new son." She said to Stee. Stee smiled. "Come give me a beeg 18 hug." She said. He did. She whispered in his ear. "Take care of my son." beeg beeg She said. He nodded. They all walked beeg hd outside and saw the whole lot from the square outside. Melanie exited her car and beeg com looked around. She saw Lisa smiling and waving at beeg..com her. Melanie gave her the evil eyen and got back in the car. beeeg Stee lent in to Lisa. "She'll come round." He said. indian beeg Stee got in the car. Martin hugged his Mum once more. "Now you call me Martin." She said. He mom beeg nodded. "I will." He said. He hugged her beeg 18 and kissed her again. He got beeg teen in the car. The people in Albert Square watched beeg video as they drove away. ---------------- eastENDers ---------------- beeg.coom Ok, that is episode's one-three. Expect more soon. Well, about other beag.com characters. For more of my stuff visit www.z-e-r-o.cjb.net Date: Fri, 9 May 2003 23:22:39 EDT From: SLIPMAHONEY57aol Subject: "East-West Relations of a Different Sort" (Interracial) NOTE: This story is FICTION.....I ONLY wish it were true! Enjoy! Being a bachelor, I am well used to doing my own laundry. Much as I hate the chore itself, after-hours at the local laundromat beeeg MORE than compensate for the inconvenience!! The owner is a Korean guy named Kim, a short, slim, but free porn beeg solid little fellow in his early site beeg.com beeg 50s. His jet black hair is xxxbeeg flecked with grey, and that, combined with beeg lesbian his bifocals, gives him a very distinguished, scholarly look. 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